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Ontario Cup #2 / XC Marathon #2

Ontario Cup #2

On May 15th I headed over to Duntroon, Ontario for O-Cup #2. It rained really hard the day before so the event organizer cancelled the pre-ride. The temperature was barely above zero and it snowed early in the morning at the race venue. The snow melted that had fallen on the ground as the day progressed. The sun started to peek out but was hidden by more clouds that held snow and rain. My race was at 1:30:00 in the afternoon so I was able to chat with some racers earlier and get a general concept of what the race course would be like.
At the start line I definitely new that it was going to be a hard day on the bike. The start of the race was good but as soon as we all got into the woods it got really bad. There were at least 2 inches of mud on the double track and in the single track it was so bad that we couldn't ride it. All of the Juinor Experts were doing 3 laps and with every lap the course was getting worse. The mud was sticky so it was balling up…