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Ontario XC Marathon Championships

It was a very sunny and hot day when I was down at Kingston for the Ontario Marathon Championships on September 3. It was the 4th race of the Ontario XC Marathon series and I was feeling really good for this event. I was currently leading the XC Marathon Series so I needed to have a good race in order to remain the leader of the series. At the event I had some great competition, my AWI team mate Adam Hill was doing the full marathon as well. He races in the 35 and over division and is leading the the series as well. The race start was at 11:00 and I was on the front row with Adam and other series leaders. The race went off and I lead it out for the first km and then my team mate Adam Hill took the front and led us through the first few single tracks. The first half lap was a very high pace but everything settled down in the second half of the first lap. At about the half way point of the race I was making a fast turn and my jersey caught a sharp point on a pine tree and the entire sho…