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Canadian XC Marathon Championships

On July 16th I was in the middle of the start line with 57 racers on the main street of East Hereford, Quebec.  It was moments away from the start of the 86 km Canadian Marathon Championships and I was pumped. This was my third time competing in the Canadian Marathon Championships and it was being held at East Hereford. It was held at the same location last year so I knew what to expect this year.

The days leading up to the race was great. We left Thursday night after I was done work  and did a 9 hour drive to our Motel which was in Coaticook. Coaticook is only 30 minutes west of East Hereford so we weren't staying too far away. Our motel was very nice and gave us lots of room to do our cooking and rest. Friday afternoon we went to East Hereford, signed up and got all of the information that we needed about the race. Then we were off to the top of Mount Hereford which you can drive to. I was going to do the 4 km long descent so I could make sure I had all of my lines figured out f…