Canadian XCM Championships

On July 31st I made the big journey out to East Hereford Quebec. It was the Canadian Cross Country Marathon Championships and I was super focused and excited for this big event. We stayed at East Hereford for a couple of days prior to the event so I was able to check a bit of the course out before the race. The race was 82km long and the course had some really big climbs. The race start was a great thrill for me, I lined up with two Olympians which were Geoff Kabush who has competed in 3 Olympics and John Malois who competed in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics as a track cyclist. There was also a world class marathon racer Cory Wallace who placed 2nd in this years world solo 24 hour race.  The course was very challenging with its steep climbs and long technical descents. At the 50km mark of the race I had a mechanical issue with my rear wheel, I wasn't able to fix it so I had to ride my bike for 15km which was hard since I couldn't ride with much power. Once I arrived at the aid station and got the bike fixed I was on my way down the course starting an 8km climb that went to the summit of Mt. Hereford. The climb was very hard and it definitely challenged all the racers, once I arrived at the top of Mt. Hereford there was a 4km decent that was very steep and technical. I pushed it right to the finish trying to catch back up to the group I was in before my wheel blew. I gave it everything I had right to the finish. Even though I had a mechanical I was very happy with my performance and placing. I placed 2nd in the Junior field and it was an experience of a life time.

I just love there a or b line sign

I was enjoying the view at the top of Mt. Hereford with my Frog Cycles bottle

The start to the 4km decent after our 8km climb

Had a great race with these two guys

On the podium in second place. I am on the same platform by the way.

You know you are in a rural area when there is grass growing in the pavement

Posted By:  Nick Emsley


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