Ontario Cup #6

On August 21st I was up in Elliot Lake for Ontario Cup #6. The venue that the race was being held at hadn't been a part of the O-Cup circuit for many years so I didn't know what to expect. The course was very technical and challenging. There were a lot of rocks and roots and you had to make sure you rode with lots of caution and picked good lines. On pre-ride day the course was in pretty good shape but on race day it rained, it wasn't a hard rain but just enough to make everything slippery. The race went off and due to the rain the course was super slick and it was a very tough day on the bike. I finished 5th place in the Junior Expert Division and the most important part was that I had a great experience in Elliot Lake.

The Junior Expert start line

Here is a panoramic view from the top of the fire tower. You can see over the town of Elliot Lake.

Posted By: Nick Emsley


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