Fall Epic 8 Hour

On Saturday September 24th I headed down to Hardwood Hills Ski & Bike for the Epic 8 hour race. I was super pumped for this event since it was going to be my first 8 hour. I was competing in the solo under 40 men division so I knew there were going to be lots of competition. The course was a 10km loop which was some of hardwoods best single track and it was very smooth. The race went out very fast and after the first couple of laps I settled into my pace. I had to make sure I was fueling myself well since it was a long race. The last couple of hours was the toughest and I pushed myself and put everything out on the course. At the end of the race which was very hard and challenging I placed 3rd with 15 laps. My teammate Adam Hill who was racing in the 40+ men division did awesome with a win. Considering it was my first 8 hour event I was very pleased with my performance. I had a great time and I am definitely planning on competing in another 8 hour event in the future.

On the podium in 3rd place. 


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