Ontario Cup Championships

On September 11th I was headed to my local mountain bike venue of Sir Sam's Ski & Ride for the Ontario Cup Mountain Bike Championships. Over the course of a month prior to the event I was training on the course and getting all of my lines dialed in. Sir Sam's has been my home riding venue ever since I started to race so I was super excited to be racing on my home course. Compared to most of the Ontario Cup Races which have been quite rainy, it was a gorgeous day and a perfect temperature to race in. It had rained the night before the race so it made the course just a bit tacky which was great.
At 10:30 my Mom was on the start line getting ready to blast off. She was racing in the 30 to 39 woman division and the competition was fierce  . She rode exceptionally well and had her best O-Cup race ever, and as always having a great time doing it.
As soon as my Mom was done racing I started to get ready for my race which was at 1:30:00. Once 12:30 arrived I started my 45 minute warm up, during the warm up I mentally got myself prepared for the most important O-Cup race of the year. Once my warm up was over I headed down to the start line. The first wave of Elite racers went off the start line and the race promoter Sean Rupple started to call up the Junior racers according to their series rank. I was the 4th one called up to the line and got the perfect spot on the start line. The buzzer went off and we all blasted off the line and in the first corner I got squeezed and we almost had a crash. It was a very fast first lap and everyone was pushing it hard. I was right in the front group when we went through the start/finish line to start the second lap. The next two laps I was very consistent and on the third lap I had a very competitive race for 7 place. I used some interval tactics on the last big climb and dropped my competitor. I sprinted to the finish line and was greeted by my family. I placed 7
th and I was super happy with my lap times and how consistent I was. I waited by the side of the finish line for my good friends and teammate so I could cheer them on. Once everyone was done racing I went and did a cool down with my racing buddy's and got to share our racing stores.
Since I live close to the event I was able to stay all day and have a good time chatting with friends. It was a great day of racing and the turnout was fantastic, It couldn't have been a better Ontario Cup Championships.
Stay tune for more race updates.

The Junior field blasting off the start line. 


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