Sausage Suit ITT

It was the middle of October and I decided to head down to Mansfield to do the last race of the year. This was my first time at this race so I didn't know what to expect. This race wasn't your standard cross country mountain bike race, it was an ITT. For anyone who doesn't know what ITT means, it is short for Individual Time Trial. I left the starting gate in 3rd, right behind my good friend Luke Hlavenka who started 30 seconds ahead. The course was two laps of 15km in length and was mostly single track. I absolutely loved the course and all of the single track was in amazing shape. The 1st km was very tight and on some corners I had to come to a complete stop and track stand for a few seconds before continuing. The trail opened up and it became a very fast and fun course. There weren't to many big climbs but there were lots of spots to put the power down and fly. With about 3 km to go on the first lap I saw Luke ahead of me and I pushed it hard to catch him by the end of the first lap. I came right up on Luke at the aid station and the lap, I got a bottle change and was on my way again. I left the aid station right in front of Luke and we flew through the single track. We rode the whole second lap together and it was a great time for both of us. As we came to the finish line Luke and I rode side by side and we held our hands in celebration of a great race.
Luke and I both finished 1st in each of our category's. It was a great race for us and it was the most enjoyable event of the year with a great friend. My team mate Thomas Hulton finished 3rd in the 20 and under category as well.
It was a really fun event and I am definitely planning on coming back and racing the event in the 2017 year.

I won 1st place with my team mate Thomas Hulton in 3rd


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