Ontario XC Marathon #2

The Long Sock Classic was the second event in the Ontario Marathon Series and it was being held at the Ganaraska Forest. It had been two weeks since the last race which I was unable to compete in but I had healed up and was feeling good for this event. I unfortunately had to work the days leading up to this race so I was a bit tired the day of the event. Luckly it was a very nice day for the event which was nice since it has been raining a lot for the past month. For the full marathon there were 81 racers and in my division I had 17 competators. The race went off and the course was pretty much the same as the years before so there were nothing new to worry about. On the first lap I was doing okay and I was sitting in a good position in the field but I could tell my  legs were wearing out. The second lap was tough as my legs were out but I still pushed it right to the end and I placed 5th in my division of 35 and under men. Overall it was a good race and working the day before the race definetly took a toll on me. The trails in Ganaraska Forest were in fantastic shape and I encourage everyone to go and ride them and see how awesome they are.
Ontario XC Marathon #2 was a wrap and this up an coming weekend is an awesome race put on by Pulse Racing, I can't wait.

Crossing the finish line with my Mother


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