2017 in Review

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year to all who is taking the time to read this. For me the 2017 year had it's up and downs but it came out pretty good. Before I continue I would like to thank all of my Sponsors, Family and Friends that has help me through my 2017 race season and beyond.

Lauf Forks

Frog Cycles

Sir  Sam's Ski/Ride

The Highlander Newspaper

AWI Coaching

Also a special thank you to my Parents for being there supporting and helping me build as an athlete. I couldn't have made it to where I am today with out the help of my Sponsors, Family and Friends. Thank You!

This past race season was definitely a hard one and it wasn't to do with racing, it was everyday life. This past summer I was working at a couple company's putting in 40+ hour weeks. The work was tiring just by itself but I also was training heavily and doing many projects around home as well. Since I was working lots I was showing up to the races tired but that didn't stop me from trying my best. I also came down with a cold right at the beginning of the race season so that was a rough start. In the end I raced hard and had lots of fun which is all that maters at the end.

The highlight results of my season was:
2nd at the Canadian Marathon Championships;
3rd in Under 35 Men division in the Ontario Marathon Series Standings;
5th in the Ontario Cup Series Standings;
3rd at the Epic 8 Hour solo in the Under 40 Men;
1st in the Single Track Challenge taking the W for the 4th year in a row;

Overall it was a good season and I learned a lot. I have big plans for the 2018 season and I can't for it to kick off.

Check my next blog post for what is up and coming in the 2018 race season. 


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