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Ontario Cup #1

It was a beautiful day on Saturday April the 31st. It was pre-ride day at the first Ontario Cup Race of the season. Throughout the day there were many people riding the course which was in great shape. I pre-rode the course at 1:30 with my coach Andrew Watson and we worked on a few key points and got it dialed in. The technical features of the course included rock gardens, drops and rock/log overs, which were challenging but really fun.  At the end of the day I did 3 laps of the course and was feeling ready for race day.
We went and stayed at a relatives place and had a great supper of whole wheat pasta and Alfredo sauce, can't get a better dinner then that before a race.
We got up early on Sunday (Race Day) and headed off to the venue. My mother was racing at 10:00 am so we got her all set up and on the race course, she had a great race. The weather was nothing like the day before, it was raining and only 6 degrees. At 12:30 I got ready and did a warm up to get ready for my 1:30…