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End to a great Race Season

Well the 2019 race season has come to a close for me. I have had an overall good year and am already looking forward to the up and coming race season.

This year I have had some good and bad races but that is expected and part of racing. I accomplished one of my goals and proved to myself that I am ready for the next step in my career of racing. I am now more hungry to get after training and pushing myself to new limits and breaking personal records.

The 2019 Recap

The start of the year went very well considering how busy I was with having 7 races in less then 2 months and also the fact that I was dealing with some physical issues as well. I had a slight break in the middle of June and then attempted the 24 hours of Summer Solstice which was a fantastic event. It was a metal and physical challenge that I will never forget and one that I will do again. I pushed myself to limits and came out on top with the win in the solo category which was absolutely amazing!

After two weeks rest I then participated in the 3 hour xc marathon at Sea Otter Canada and took the win in u23 men. Then it was off to the Canadian XCO championships and unfortunately I still had not recovered from the 24 hour enough to give it all of my power out on course. At this point I had a month off racing so I took some much needed rest and enjoyed some nice summer rides. The next event was a 130km gravel race and I had a good day improving on my last years result. Two weeks after that I participated in the last short track race that was being held at my home course of Sir Sam's Ski and Ride. Unfortunately I had a bad day and the body did not respond like I wanted it too but that is the way it is and I still had a fun day on the bike.

The week following I headed up to St-Felicen Quebec for the Canadian Marathon Championships. It was a nice and very long trip but totally worth it. I had a very good race on the day,
improving on last years result by 9 places. I also was able to meet some awesome people along the way. The last race of the year wrapped up with the Reggie Ramble a 200km gravel race. I gave it my all and came out with a 9th place after 8:58:00. It was a great race to finish the race season off with.

Even though the racing is all over there is still some exploring to be done before the snow fly's.

A special shout out to my sponsors for supporting me this season. I wouldn't be were I am today if it wasn't for all of the support.

- Frog Cycles
- Lauf Forks
- Sir Sam's Ski & Ride
- AWI Coaching
- The Highlander
- Glass Eagle Studios
- Baked & Battered
- Ideal Supply
- Todd's Independent Grocer
- Integrity Home and Cottage
- Sonya's Unisex Hairstyling
- Nature's Creation's 

Thank You!

I am all ready for the training season ahead and I can't wait for what the 2020 race season has in store for me!


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