Substance Projects Ontario Cup #2

It was two weeks after the first Ontario Cup and we were down at the second O-Cup which was being held at 20 minutes north of Kingston. It had been raining a lot the week prior to the event and there was a lot of flooding all over Ontario. The race promoter Dan Marshall of Substance Projects was working non stop to keep the course in decent shape with a record number of rain falling days prior. I had come down with a cold and I wasn't able to race which was very unfortunate as I always have enjoyed racing at this venue. Even though I couldn't race I still drove for 3 hours to help out the promoter and cheer on my team mates who were racing. Once we arrived the trail was very muddy and it was raining. As the day went on the rain stopped and the mud turned very sticky instead of being a slippery mud earlier. So everyones bikes were becoming very stuck up and there were multiple spots on the trail that racers had to run. I was able to watch as the racers took off and how they performed through out the race wich was exciting for me since I am usually racing and I can't see what else is going on. It was deffinetly a good day of racing and also a very tough day battling the mud so big congrats to everyone who participated. I was very proud of my team mate Thomas Hulton who placed 2nd in the Junior Expert division and Scott Leonard who was just off the podium in 4th place.
Even though I didn't race I had a fantastic day at the event and Dan Marshall did a great job even though the weather was not great. I hope they do another Ontario Cup there in the future and if they do I will definitely be looking forward to it.


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