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Racing at it's Finest

What a fantastic race season it has been so far!

The 2019 winter took its time to leave this spring so it made for a late riding season at home. Now that summer is here the riding has been great and I am putting it lots of time on the bikes!

The race seen has been lots of fun and I have already completed 7 races on my schedule. I have been feeling strong this year and am very happy with my race performances so far. During the winter I worked many hours and trained a ton. With dedication and hard work you can make big improvements which I am experiencing this year. A big thank you to my coach Andrew Watson of AWI Coaching for helping me achieve better results and my goals in cycling.

Here is my completed races and results,

Ontario XC Marathon #1 @ Turkey Point Ontario: 13th Place
Ontario XC Marathon #2 @ Mansfield Ontario: 3rd Place
Ontario Cup #1 @ Woodnewton Ontario: 7th Place
Spring Chicken Marathon @ Beachburg Ontario: 4th Place
Ontario XC Marathon #3 @ Ganaraska Forest Ontario: 2nd Place
Ontario Cup #2 @ Albion Hills Ontario: 5th Place
Ontario XC Marathon Championships @ Kingston Ontario: 5th Place
Ontario XC Marathon Series Standing: 2nd Place

Also a huge thanks to all of the sponsors that have supported me for this year. All of my sponsors help off set the cost of my race season and have helped me get to where I am today in the sport of cycling.

Frog Cycles
Lauf Forks
Sir Sam's Ski & Ride
AWI Coaching
The Highlander
Glass Eagle Studios
Baked & Battered
Ideal Supply
Todd's Independent Grocer
Integrity Home and Cottage
Sonya's Unisex Hairstyling
Nature's Creation's

The Ontario Marathon Championships

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog posts! More to come!


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